Friday, May 15, 2020

Young Coconut Drink

I always feel lucky when I find a fresh coconut that just arrived at the grocery store.
They are so refreshing.
Pick a coconut that is heavy and you can hear the liquid sloshing.  
Pick a coconut with husk that are not turning brown, unless your intention is to shave the hardened coconut meat later to make coconut cream or milk. 
I just want to eat the fresh coconut fresh and drink coconut juice.
Using a serrated knife - I love my GINSU serrated knife I had for 39 years.  It is still as sharp as the day I bought it.
 Slice off as much husk as possible.
 Double bag in plastic bags and place it on floor.
 With a firm strike with a Hammer, strike down at the top center to crack.  There are other fabulous methods demonstrated in the YouTube.  For me, this works out just fine.
The plastic bag with help catch any juice spilled out.
 Place a glass over the crack.  Revert the coconut to dispense juice into the glass.
Ahhh, this one is such a full coconut, and I think I hit too hard, I lost about 1/2 cup of juice into the plastic bag.  When the coconut is really really fresh, there is hardly an outer coconut shell formed, but soft fiber still.  In Viet-Nam, the street vendor would just poke the straw through the 'eyes' found on the top of the coconut and let you drink out of it.  Otherwise, he uses his sharp machete and slice the top of the coconut open and serve the juice in a glass, scooping the fresh coconut meat with a large spoon for you.
You can filter the coconut juice through a fine sieve, cheese cloth, or coffee filter if you want,
 The fresh coconut meat is like a soft jelly.
 You can process this in a Bullet processor to make coconut cream... but I can never stop from eating them up

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