Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fresh Cold Leek Potato Soup - a Quick Way

Another crazy thing not to do is to cook soup in a hot summer weather.  But I cropped it from my garden.  I thought they were garlic that I planted but, the garlic don't grow big green leaves and thick tubes.  They were next to the leeks.  Although it is very hot, I had to cook it, then, I can have cold soup for lunch and dinner.
Here is my photo journal for fresh Leek Potato Soup for 2020.  If you do a search, you can find the recipe in my previous post from a few years ago.  However, this time, I made it real simple.  No milk or cream, just cook them with chopped onions, chopped potato, a sliver of thyme in butter, salt and black pepper to taste.  Added plain water.   Cook.  Processed in InstaPot blender in Smoothie mode (which actually would have cooked it for me, but I forgot.)  The smoothie mode will process it without heat.
Leeks are growing in left side of the box
Chop leeks, 1/2 onions, 1 potato, a sliver of thyme, salt and black pepper, etc.  Saute in butter. Then, add water to cook through.
Set to Smoothie - cold process mode.

Put through the Sieve.  After though - I think it was unnecessary. 
The Smoothie process mode did a real good job.
Very tasty even a day in the refrigerator.  Enjoyed the cold soup the next day on hot 104'F day.

You can heat it up in the microwave oven for 20 sec to warm it up a tidbit, but it was delicious as is out of the refrigerator.

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