Monday, May 11, 2020

Stay Home Lunch and Dinner - Rockin' with your Family in the Kitchen During COVID-19

Cooking at home has become very interesting within my family groups.  Not everyone is into showing off what they cooked, but I want to share our fam's photo journal of dishes we had fun making.
TONKATSU and fried green beans
Fried triangle...ha, aha...
 Amy is just so creative.  She cooks different meal every day.   I would end up eating the same thing for at least two three days or freeze them till the next time.
Japanese OINARI

 Looks like Potatoes are the winning ingredients?  KORO'KE - CROQUETTES
CARBONARA topped with Bacon
Stew with Potatoes, cabbage, meatballs, carrots...
Easy fried tortilla chips with cinnamon sugar
Shredded Salmon with Shiso Flakes and Tofu over Rice.  More Potatoes.
 Potatoes are very satisfying snack.
 Couscous, cara orange, corn, and cherry tomatoes.
BAO testings
Hamburger steaks with Kale and Parsley
 We also had family Birthday Party with BUCA di Beppo order (Campbell).  The BUCA did a great job in delivering online food order- contactless delivery.
Side note: Don't know what's with their online Gift Card Calculator.  Only can charge exact amount of the half and cannot carry over the balance on the card if the new order is more than the balance on the card... that's kind of a big minus complaint I have.)
Sunday Lasagna.
 Paperwrapped  Oven Fried Mahi Mahi with Lemon and Tajin in PANKO
 Served with rice and Tofu squares.
 Cold Noodles - Ham, eggs, cucumber, pickled DAIKON
 Really?  Again?
Here, Poke over Sushi Layers
 BBQ Prime Steaks.
 Fried Chicken.
 Fried Fish and Shrimps.  Sliced Cucumber and tomatoes.
 Sesame balls for dessert.
                          BBQ Feast!

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