Tuesday, May 12, 2020

MA CHOU - Polly's Fried Sesame Balls Adventure

So a few years back I tried the recipe in the Chinese Snacks Cookbook I have.  But it didn't turn out very well.  It was, in fact, very dangerous to fry one of this Glutinous rice balls filled with sweet beans.  It keeps on growing and growing when its heated, and might Explode! an burn you, so keep a close eyes on them.  Do NOT leave kitchen while frying these. 
But this time, thanks to YouTube postings, and gaining some understandings on the frying tips, I think I got it.
But first, the recent testing of a floppy gooey tasty rice balls, then, the real nice looking ones below it.

 They started to float and expand.
 It was okay.  But tasted great.  Definitely a problem with the ingredient ratio.
Then, this one is a success!
1 small can of beans of your choice - 6 oz     I used black beans.
1/4 C Sugar
* 1 tsp of filling per ball.

DOUGH - Mix the following ingredients and KNEAD with floured (rice flour) hands.
2/3 C Hot Water
1/2 C Light Brown Sugar
2 Cup Glutinous Rice Flour

for Coating Rice Balls:
1/2 C Sesame Seed

for Frying:
*depending on the size of your frying pot, enough oil to cover rice balls.
Min. 4 Cups  cooking oil - I prefer Avocado Oil.
Fry at 325'F - 350'F for 10 min.        * Constant visual check, please.

Cook a can of black bean over low heat with sugar - mash and cook until the beans are dry.
This step is very important to keep the rice balls from exploding while frying.

 (Double Click on the picture to read text typed on it)
Make sure to enclose the filling completely and round the ball until there is no visible seam.

 (Double click on the picture to read the text instruction on sticking sesame seeds to the rice balls)

 Place gently into the oil
 The balls will sink to the bottom when they are raw.  As they start to expand and cooked, they will float to the top.  Keep rotating the balls during frying to keep from touching the bottom of the pan and browning unevenly.
 Remove foam.
Caught one expanding unevenly.  Remove it immediately.
 Keep the balls in the oil rolling around and maintain temp.
 6 to 8 min is not long enough for this thickness.  It was still raw.  10 min. is perfect.
 Nice looking MA CHOU
 Now to filter the oil through coffee filter.
When done.  Transfer to bottle.

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