Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Business and Career Tips:

New to Career Market? Feel a Bit Powerless?
Come on! Get Empowered! & Be Empowered!

Internship as a starter:

Average young adults do not know where to look or where to launch their first career. Jobs are everywhere if one looks around, but the career that they want, the ones that they want to build to look back many years later require some planning and startup support system. Whether the individuals just got out of high school or college, if they did not have some sort of support system, from parents, relatives, community programs, government, private industries, etc, it is difficult to gain work experience that employers are looking for. With combinations of the two together, it could help many young adults launch their first career step into the corporate world or their own business.

Some young adults have ideas about what they want to do, but they lack experience to be hired. Some are still searching what they want to be. Corporate Internship is an excellent place to start for many individuals. For young adults with energy and enthusiasm to find the right career or even if they know what they want to be but don't know where to start, the "Internship" is an excellent way to launch that first step.

1. Stay in school. For example - Foothill College (Foothill, CA) has an excellent Internship program with NASA/Ames. Interesting and challenging internship programs in diverse career fields are available (depending on their budget.) Computer science, physicist, clerical, accounting, aeronautics, sales management, computer support, administrative assistant, Unix system administrator, etc, etc.... Check with Foothill College's Internship Program administration. Many employees at Ames research center in Mountain View, California started out as Interns. Some of them worked as Intern for several years. At the end of their Internship program, since they already have good inside reference and gained new knowledge, skills, and education, subsequently, they are hired into full-time position. Remember - Get Empowered!

2. Almost all corporations in the Silicone Valley offer internship program. Why not visit their websites and find out about their Internship program? Whether the position you are interested is posted/available or not, Let's get your resume and cover letter ready! Contact their human resources, get their name and mail your resume to apply for the Internship. You never know. It could be the best thing you ever done for yourself to layout your career path. Remember - Be Empowered! At the end of your internship program, you might get hired into the open position. If not, you certainly have gained job experience to launch your next success in your career.

3. Have you ever calculated how many hours a day you spent watching TV or playing Video Games? or spending hours talking to your friends? Unless you turn them into a career such as TV critics, Video Game tester, sales or consultants, they might be robbing you of the time from launching your career. Balance and control are both desirable traits and they can become your strength. Let's balance and prioritize.

4. Have you wondered about interpersonal relationship skills? Are you born with it? learned at school? or taught by parents? through experience? But most of us are definitely not born with it. A poor interpersonal relationship skill can cause stress, misunderstanding, frictions between friends, co-workers, family members, etc. Your local college has wonderful business management class called "Interpersonal Relationship and Management class". Try it. You will soon find out what it takes and it means by "You are okay. I am okay."

5. Other very useful classes that will help out in career building are: Management 101, Ethics and Critical Thinking. Believe it or not, we are using management 101 skills in our daily activities with our family members, at the shopping mall, with vendors, with friends, etc. Did you try to solve an issue today? How did you handle it? Are you sure you didn't decide in haste? What are Fallacies? Can you identify a fallacy when you see or hear one? Why not learn to identify them and learn to use it effectively.

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From Bee with Style