Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Food Wonder Around the World

It's amazing when you don't have a computer access for nearly two months and finally able to rejoin.   I managed to use other less used home PC's old 9 gig harddrive to run with Windows XP.  
I see amazing postings by many foodies all around the world.  I can  make my virtual Dinner Menu just going through them.   Just for the pretend -


Main menu:
1.   Roti Jala -  by Resh @ dailycuppa -

2.  Sambar  - by Amarendra @ amu's recipes

3.  Linguine 'Vege'naise - by Rosh @ roshellechefaldente

4.  Ratatouille - by Wendy @ wendyinkk

Side Order: 
     Cheesy Garlic Bread - by Anuja @ simple-baking

and for the busy schedule day:
     Varieties of Mediterranean Menu selections by Ana Thomas @ RomAna Catering

1.  Zebra Cake - by Maha @ mahaslovelyhome

2.  Lemon Butter Cup Cake with Lemon Glaze - by Angel @

3.  Raspberry & Meringue Tart  - by dailydelicious

4.  Blackcurrant, Almond Cream Tart with Violet; White Cream Frosting by Kit @ i-lostinausten

Isn't that wonderful?   You have a virtual menu.   All I need is a virtual waiter and a virtual delivery, and real food served at my house!!!