Monday, March 08, 2010

Canneles de Bordeaux - Delicious!

After acquiring a copy of soft nougat center recipe from Debra, my friend on Thursday evening, I decided to test it out right away on Friday.    As I have never made nougat before, I was very delighted when Debra said she is coming to stop by.  Then, we got talking about our good ole' Canneles de Bordeaux and this "Polytech 'Lille".  (    A group of students who conducted study and reported on their in depth testings and findings on How To's of Le Canele de Bordeaux.    We read it ones together back in 2007, but this time I listened more intentively.    There's the reasonings for why scalding the milk - to infuse vanilla bean, why use the rhum vieux agricole, why or why not of refrigerating for 12 hours, etc, silicone mold vs, copper, and aluminum, etc.   Well, my soft nougat turned out successfully and my family members validated them over the weekends, but tonight... well, last night I decided to venture one more time in the baking the second batch of Canneles de Bordeaux for year 2010. And what a great joy and satisfaction.   This time around, it passed my sight, texture, taste, aroma, and clean kitchen test.  Bees wax and butter mixture for the molds in the past is something you would think twice of if the product didn't turn out the way it should. They can be messy to clean after.
  As mentioned in my past blog on Canneles, the ingredients are so simple, but yet, the baking them is extremely challenging.  This time, I got 'the' best result compared to the ones in the past.
Outer shells are nice dark brown.    A couple of them in the back of the oven turned close to 'burnt' looking, but when I tasted, it was so delicious.  And also figured out how to get this RUM aroma I love so much in Cannele at its best.    Thank you Debra for your visit Friday nite, it paid off.
As cannele is quite sweet, I decided to fill the molds only to half way rather than the usual three-fourth.   This prevented the batter to rise afloat above the rim of the mold (normal, during baking), thus, minimized/prevented bees wax+butter coating in the molds to spill out to the baking sheet.
It was the best idea.  Also, this produced two-bite size Canneles that is more appealing.   And I am sure my family would love that, too.
This time I decided not to indulge in my Madagascar vanilla paste and only use 1 tsp of it rather the usual 1 Tbsp that I like.  
Can't wait till morning, . . . I can have one in the morning for breakfast.