Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pan Fried Rice Vermicelli with Shrimps and Chicken

I posted it once in December 2018, but here it is again because it is so simple to make.
 Stir fry shrimp and chicken pieces with garlic, salt and pepper with some vinegar.  Set it aside.
Stir fry chopped celery, sliced reconstituted shiitake, green onions, some cilantro.
Add Shrimp and chicken.
Rehydrate dry rice vermicelli with hot water.  When soft, drain.  Add 2 TBsp oil to saute pan.  Add strained rice vermicelli.  At low heat cook covered until crispy on one side.
Transfer vegetable mix with shrimp and chicken on top and Serve.

Turkey Cross Guards

This is how the Turkey Family cross the busy street in Sacramento with Deputy Tom Turkey Cross guards.