Monday, December 15, 2014

Testing Fluffy YOMOGI (Mugwort) MOCHI Pancake

I thought I would test to see how it would be by adding eggs to the MOCHI pancake; additionaly, add a tablespoon of YOMOGI powder (Mugwort) to make it healthier breakfast.   The pancake turned out fluffy like a marshmallow, but I didn't care for ithe mouthfeel.  I like the taste of the YOMOGI, but it did not go well with egg flavor.   The basic recipe is the winner, unless you are making the MOCHI Cake.

Updates on Drying FUYU KAKI

After two weeks, FUYU KAKI have shrunk considerably.    After giving away over 70 FUYU KAKI, I had more.  The tree produced a good amount this year.  Birds had some to enjoy and I still had plenty to enjoy and share.  While it is tasty to eat them fresh, when you have too much of them, you need to be creative to store them away.  These groups of FUYU KAKI are drying up much faster than the stringent HACHIYA persimmons, and of course, FUYU KAKI is much smaller and has less water content.  My mother mentioned something about eating them with other groups of herbs for health medicinal use.   These have been massaged a bit per my friend's suggestion to distribute the sugar or something like that.  And pretty soon, I will take them down and press down with something heavy to make them flat.  I hope they will turn out all right.        
 Gently massage the KAKI with fingers without breaking the hardened outer layer.