Sunday, June 08, 2014

Homemade Sandwich Baguettes

What a wonderful way to appreciate good sandwich with homemade mini-bugettes.
The Tip here is the amount of water added to the dry ingredients.  Make sure the dough has the right amount of water for the condition (storage)/age of your flour.   Make sure the dough does not feel tough already before the kneading starts - add a teaspoon of warm water at a time until the right tenderness of the dough is achieved before kneading begin.  And yes, depending on the type of bread you are trying to make, but tough dough has resulted often in a disappointment with the home oven.
7/1/2014 NOTE:  * Forgot to mention that Preferment / Poolish is part of the important ingredients to make light think crisp crust.     So give yourself a night before to make the Poolish.   Then add to the main dry ingredients. 

 Tender, airy, and light - Whew!