Monday, February 28, 2022

Fixing Whirlpool Refrigerator Switch, Cleaning n GE Coil Cleaning - When Frost Build Up Fills the Freezer Compartment

 Photo Journal of how to fix Whirlpool Refrigerator when Frost build up fills the freezer compartment and noticed the frozen pile of ice in the refrigerator compartment.

*Don't ignore when the light bulb goes out.  When the light bulb is replaced, yet, it would not turn on when the compartment door is opened, be sure to replace the switch immediately.

1/4 inch screws are everywhere.

So tight!
Could barely put the wire back onto the new switch.

It's in!
Test open and close the compartment door a few times to make sure the light bulb would turn on and off.
Tools I used, 1/4 inch drive extension bar
YouTube How to Fix Leaky Refrigerator.   Without, I would never have guessed nor noticed that frozen drip hole.

Located the major culprit.  A drip hole that got frozen.  Preventing defrosted ice to escape water down to the drip pan at the bottom of the refrigerator.  This frozen ice must be melted  to prevent future water drips during the auto defrosting; otherwise, the defrosted water run into refrigerator compartment below.
Pour Hot water to the frozen hole.

You will see the quick melt away and dropping of the ice to the drip pan located at the bottom of the refrigerator.  Accessible by removing the back bottom panel.

Remove the bottom back panel.  See how dusty and fan could barely move.
Vacuum everything and wipe clean each fan blade.

All shiny!

Pour some more hot water through the drip hole and see if the water would drip through.  You should see a tube of ice dropping down, too.
All clean.

Place the panel back.
Wash freezer compartment's accessory parts clean.  Wipe dry.
Time to put everything back.

All done.
I guess it was last year in Jan of 2021 to replace the switch and April of 2021 to defrost to remove the plugged drip hole, and tonight 2022 I had to do it again!  Looks like this is an annual thing-to-do.