Friday, July 18, 2014

Photo Journal of California State Fair - My First Impression

This is my very first visit to the California State Fair.  I wanted to visit after work by myself to check around before the next visit.   Since I purchased a season pass, I want to enjoy it by taking it easy like walking through the park.  The Food Court sections are very interesting - Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Cheese Cake?  Wow!   We've made chocolate covered bacon in our class before, and they taste good. Saltiness of the bacon enhance the chocolate and chocolate compliments the bacon very well.  It's like eating dessert at the same time eating breakfast.  Entertainments are excellent.  Can't wait to go back on Saturday, again.
 Trying to feel my way around the fair ground get my orientation....
 These cows are lucky - kept cool with large fan.  Their hays are clean and plenty for them to eat.  It must be a lot of work to keep the barn clean to keep the animals happy in such a confined area.
Buffalo Soldier
 The Farm... Check out the Hot House made of Plastic Bottles - what a great idea!
Dowels are thrust thru empty plastic bottles.  Great Ideas! 
 Black Smith Tools
 Ask the Tree!!
 Today is MRE Challenge - What dishes can you concoct from MRE packages.
 The HOT CINNAMON vendor showing off his skill in making the Cinnamon Rolls.  The dough is put through the press first to roll out the dough then transferred to the work surface that has been previously 'wiped' with butter.
 Butter or the high fat is cut into rectangle slices.
 The butter slicer
 Time to sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
 Then, ready to Roll!
 Oh, a challenge?  Cut the roll with eyes closed?
 He took the challenge.  He did it without cutting his fingers
 Hypnosis Volunteers on the stage.
 Vintage packaged Hersheys Chocolate bars - $3.99/ea
 Carnival Rides... and Food Court - What would you choose to play or to eat?
 Twinkie Dog!?  Deep Fried Oreos?!
 I hope they all taste as good as those pictures.
 Would like to try the Southern Catfish to find out if it is as good as Great Grandma Winnie in Lebanon, Tennessee.
 CHOKA RIVER?!....Chocolate Covered Bacon - Bacon this and Bacon that!
 Unfortunately, when I checked my watch, it was already 9 pm.  It would have been too much for my stomach to taste those goodies.   Luckily I got these beautiful Yellow Peaches from the Fair.  They were delicious! Sweet and ripened just right.

Can't wait to find out more on Saturday....   Got to find out where to park for Free!
They don't give Sacramento resident a break with the parking fee, do they?  they should, I think.  That's good for the business, I think.   :-)