Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Homemade Raisins from the Homegrown Seedless Grapes

 Made another good use of the Dehydrator and sun... 

The grapes grew great this year - seedless green Thompson.  Just enough to enjoy them without becoming overwhelmed with them.

After a good washing with Salted water and several good rinse to assure all natural residents were moved out.  Removed the end stem from each and every single grape and placed on the dehydrator tray.  The initial dehydration started around 10 pm.  2 days it ran at 350'F.  During the weekday's peak hours, I shut it down to save energy and to keep the room cool.  Then, turn it back on close to midnight.   The whole process took about 3 days plus natural air dry.   I also had a 2nd crop from a different grape vine that produced red grapes, but it has seeds.  I sun dried the red grapes under the sun for a few hours twice.  The outside temperature were around 106'F, so why not.  Then, I used the Dehydrator to do the rest of the drying.

Result - Seedless grapes turned out to be a great raisins.  I sprinkled some Fruit-Fresh ascorbic acid to mix with raisin in a jar. 

After 4+ weeks(?), it started to turn translucent/ripe.
When they started to show translucency and birds started to eat them, it's time to bag them.
After waiting patiently for them to reach the sweetness - about 2+ months?
Time to Spray wash. Then, dunk wash in salted water to get rid of the hiding residents.
Not bad looking bunch.
The only greatest thing about homemade raisin - no sulfur that makes me itchy.
But sure took many hours to dehydrate.  I will try drying the next time by leaving them hanging until they turn or look shriveled a bit before picking to dry them in the dehydrator?  but then, they won't be clean unless I wash them as they hang on the vine. 
These are the red with seeds.  They did not grow in a uniform bunch ways as the green grapes did.  They grew erratically here and there.  Interesting.  It just grew here and there in a single or twosies - not as a bunch.  This is the only one that look like a bunch.  The raisins turned out crunchy!  LOL.


Personal Size - One Egg Chiffon Cake Photo Journal

 You all know how to make Chiffon Cakes... and this is using only 1 egg.  It's a breakfast personal size Chiffon Cake.

Beat the egg white with 4 Tbsp of organic cane sugar into stiff meringue.

MATCHA + Egg Yolk + Avocado Oil + Water + shifted Flour + some sugar
Add the Goodies + ground Flaxseed Mill
 Then, mix Meringue with the batter mixture.

Simple Pan Fried Lamb Chops Served with Kale and Parsley Fried Rice

I wanted to BBQ a rack of Lamb Chops, but pan frying them is just as great and simple.
Slice a rack of lamb at each section.
Marinate them with your favorite spices + wine for an hour at least. 

Then, pan fry them.  Serve with favorite rice dish.

Fried rice:  Cook long grain rice in a skillet with lid.   Use Pilaf rice cooking method.   When cooked, add frozen or fresh chopped kale and parsley.  Add salt and black pepper to taste.


 Spicy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lemon Cookies

There is no particular measured ingredients, but using your own chocolate chip cookies recipes, add a teaspoon of chili flakes and a couple of dash of red cayenne pepper, depending on how spiced-up you want your cookies to be.  The sweet chocolate chip or with raisins and spicy heat from chili  flakes and cayenne pepper give the body a boost during the long hike.

This is a very simple Lemon cookies.  Squeeze 1 large lemons, keep the pulp.   1 Cup of flour mixed with 1/2 stick / 1/4 C soft butter, 1/3 C of Cane sugar.  Mix all together.    Add a few drops of milk as needed to form a soft batter.  *no baking powder or soda need.  Basically, it is a butter cookies with lemon juice with pulp.

Bake in oven for 8 to 10 min, depending on your oven's power.