Friday, May 15, 2020

The wonder of Split Rock Succulent Cactus Blossom and Other Cacti's

Never knew a succulent cactus - split rock can blossom.  I found it with a blossom stem back a couple of months ago.  Then, slowly, it opened up in mid-March just when self-quarantine order started.  It was an amazing hours watching it open up and closing on time daily with the sun.
 Will it bloom?  Please don't rot off.
 Looks very promising.
 Incredible to see such a beauty right here in my home.
 After 1-1/2 week of daily shine, it begin to fade a a bit. But daily, it closes and opens.

 After 2 weeks, it shriveled and crumped up, but it tried to open up still in the morning.
Other Cati family in bloosom this year - Christmas cactus has been blossoming quite regularly.  I think it really likes its humid Aquarium home.  It's out of the aquarium for these flowers to have enough room to expand.

 This bead cactus has been surviving quite well outdoor for two years now.
 This is another cactus I found with tiny blossoms already opening up.  I hand pollinated it with split rock's flower earlier.  I don't know if that will help either ones for the next blooming season

Other blossoms.  This one is peculiar succulent.  its flower stem just keeps on growing and growing.
 This picture was taken about 2 months ago.  It's flower stem is currently about 20 inches long in length.  There are cute little flowers along the stem.

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