Monday, June 22, 2009

Japanese Mochi Cake

Yield: 13x9" pan size

Ingredients and Methods:
1/2 Cup Soft Butter - Creamed with Sugar until fluffy and pale yellow

20 Packets - Truvia  or 1 Cup Regular Granulated Sugar

3 to 5 eggs - 3 eggs are plenty, but if you prefer - 5 eggs will give a better fluffier result; see last two pictures' notes at the end of this post.
1 box 16 oz MOCHIKO - Sweet Rice Flour (Blue Star Brand by KODA FARMS - normally in a white box. Purchase at Japanese (Mitsuwa) or Asian Market (99 Ranch) for $1.39 to $1.67)

5 tsp Baking Powder

2-1/2 Cup Milk (at least room temp, but NOT cold) or use 1-1/2 Cup Coconut milk + 1 Cup Milk

Add one egg at a time to the Butter mixture. Blend well until it is no longer slushy before adding the second egg, etc. Once all eggs are added, the mixture is liquidy.

Mix Mochiko together with baking powder well. Then add liquid. Mix with large spatula and mash mochiko well with milk.

Add butter mixture into the Mochiko mixture.

Use large spatula and smash dry ingredient lumps against the bowl and mix until smooth. There should be no large lumps.
Pour into the baking dish.

(with Chopped up Sour Apple Balls. Chocolate tasted best.)

Bake at 350'F for 45 minutes - Golden Brown and or inserted knife comes out 'dry like'. (Optional) Bake with a bowl of (6 Cups) Hot water sitting at the bottom of the Gas oven for steam during the baking.

Add chopped up Hershey Chocolate with Almonds and sprinkle on top before baking.
Or add any other sprinkles on the top.
Let the favorites to float on top and bake.
Update: 1/16/2010
With 4 eggs, the Mochi cake definitely puffs up more with cake like texture.