How Pandan and Coconuts were Processed for Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cake

This is the photo journal of how I completed the tasks of making squeezing Pandan Juice and making coconut cream.  It seems that all video uploads somehow got disconnected... So, here is the photo journal.
METHOD A of extracting Pandan Juice: 
Slice leaves into thin chunks.

Place in food processor to chop them finely.  If you try to place them in the juicer directly, the juicer machine would fail including damaging the juicer.

Likely you could place these extracted leaves into a blender and add a cup of water to process it again.  You may be able to extract 1/2 C more of juice.

Nope - not this method.  It's quite dry.

EXTRACTING COCONUT  - Get OLD/Mature Coconut - Brown husk type.  Not much liquid in it when shaken.
Place in a plastic bag.  Use a heavy hammer to crack it open.

Remove the husk/shell with a pairing knife.
This is a Young Coconut.  But if it is maturing, you will see a slight thick layer of coconut meat developing in it also.

Scoop out the tender coconut meat.

Place in juicer to extract.

Add to pandan and coconut juice to Pandan Coconut Chiffon cake's egg mixture.

METHOD B OF PANDAN LEAVES JUICING.  Use NINJA blender.  Add some water along with the chopped leaves and beat until fine.

 Process it through the juicer to extract all juice.

 Pour into ice tray.  After the freeze, bag them to store.   Take out two to three cubes into a bowl to defrost to add to your pastry.