Tuesday, October 09, 2018

A Brain Break Surfing from a Kitchen Nightmare

This is just my brain break while trying to fix my garbage disposer.
Just twist and off it comes?  NOooPe!   It was a 5 lb sledge hammer night mare.   
The surfer seems to be coming through... hmmm... 
Hmmm.... Not sure.... 
Very interesting.  Each time I return to it, I seem to end up adding something and weakening the wave effect - that is if there was one . . . I am not a painter . . . Waiting for it dry up a bit, so I can put more mist on the figure 
 Anyways, it is a good therapy.

Kale Scones for Tuesday Morning

My kitchen has been a mess since the garbage disposer break down.  Three weeks ago, I found a puddle of water on the kitchen floor.  I thought the dishwasher leaked, but I found out that the puddle is right under the garbage disposer area.   While it took me two weeks to 'finally' remove the garbage disposer, I have not decided to put the new one in its place or buy a new sink model, then clean up the mess.  So, everything is everywhere on the floor - tools, cleansers, etc. I did find a 1-1/2 inch size pipe plug cap with screw on, so I can wash dishes on the other side of the sink.  This morning, I wanted to have scones for breakfast.  So, here it is - Scones with organic kale powder, organic ground flaxseed meal, pecans, chocolate, golden raisin and cranberries.

6 oz Flour (unbleached and unbromated)
1 TBsp Baking Powder (normally 2 tsp, but because of all the extra goodies' weight)
1/4 tsp Kosher salt
2 oz Organic Cane Sugar
4+ oz goodies of 1/2 TBsp Organic Kale Powder, 1 TBsp Organic Ground Flaxseed Meal, 1/4 C chopped pecans, 1/4 C chopped semi-sweet dark chocolate pistoles, 1/4 C golden raisin and cranberries.  The goodies can be anything you like.
6+ oz or 1+ C fresh Heavy Cream 
Because of the Kale powder and flaxseed meal, the amount of Fresh Heavy Cream is more than the usual.
 (The basic amount of fresh heavy cream with 4 oz goodies such as raisin is 5 to 6 oz.)
(Egg wash:  1 Egg yolk + 1 TBsp Heavy Cream )

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, except goodies.
Add Half of 6 oz of Fresh heavy cream.
READ ME once before starting:  Using spatula, gently fold in the dry ingredients.   The dough should be moist and supple.  Not wet.  Still too dry? Add the other half of fresh heavy cream - 1/4 C or 1 TBsp at a time.  Fold.     Visually check and see how much more heavy cream is needed to form a moist dough.   The dough should stick to the spatula and stay on the spatula. .
Add the goodies right before the last fold of flour mixture with additional heavy cream.  

Preheat Oven to 425F at this time.
Knead the dough with palm of your hand in the bowl about 4 times.
Spread parchment paper on dark baking sheet.
Transfer the dough over to the parchment paper and gently press down the dough into disc shape.
Rest 5 minutes.
Prepare egg wash - Beat one egg yolk plus 1 TBsp heavy cream
Spread egg wash over the dough.
Bake in center rack.  At least 25 min. until golden brown and or until the tester comes out dry.  The tester would come out with melted chocolate chips, but there should be no wet dough attached.
If the top of scones turned dark before it is fully baked, place a piece of aluminum foil on its top.  Yes just place the aluminum foil on the top without folding down the ends.
The  egg wash creates beautiful shiny crust  at the top as the scone is baked.   But it could also become burnt.  And you know how a burnt egg smells like. 
Because of the Kale, the baked scones would produce sulfur like aroma. 
Tote the hot scones in your favorite stylish Àplat tote bag and Enjoy the Scones with office friends!

Monday, October 08, 2018

Polly's Green Onion Pancakes My Way

Scissor off home grown green onions from the garden.
Rinse and Cut.  Strain to dry.

Mix 1 Cup of Flour with Salt of your choice but not much in the dough, though.   Because you will be smearing the rolled dough with the salt later.   You can also test by adding a 1 Tbsp of baking powder.  You can also test with Pastry Flour or Cake Flour for more tender texture.  Sometimes, I think my All Purpose Flour has too much protein power.

Roll the dough with 1/4 C Warm water.  Add some more if needed. Roll the dough till form into a smooth dough.
 Cover and rest for 30 minutes.
Green onion should be fairly dry.  If not, Wipe them off with paper towel.
Chop green onions.
Roll out the dough as thin as you could.
Smear with some vegetable oil/Avocado oil.   Smear some Salt all over, but remember how much you have added to the flour already, if you did. 
Spread chopped green onions.
Roll it up to enclose green onions.
Slice into fours or however large round green onion pancakes you would like.
Hold the roll up and squash it down.  Then, roll it flat, but not too thin.
Heat up the pan.  Add small amount of oil - 2 Tbsp.  Cook over low heat, patiently.

Slice and Serve while still hot.

Boiled MOCHI DANGO with AZUKI (Red Beans)

Sometimes, I want to just have some snack.  The presentation likely would add to its enjoyment, but sometimes, I just don't have enough time and care in the world, but I want to just make it and eat it.
Grab 1 Cup of MOCHI flour (Glutinous Rice flour) of any brand.
In this testing, I added 1/4 C Tapioca flour.  Not that it matters for the type of MOCHI DANGO I am making because it is moist type and eaten right away.
Mix MOCHI flour with some water.  Adding 1/4 C of water first.  Mix.
Add enough water to form a pliable "play" dough.   Flatten the dough - depending on the size of the MOCHI balls you want to make - 1 to 1-1/2 TBsp size.    Drop enough AZUKI (a can of red bean paste or make your own - thick and pasty.)
Enclose the Red Bean.
Bring a pot of water to a BOIL first, then, Add the MOCHI Balls.
The water will drawn back to simmer naturally.  Wait for the water to bring back to full boil again.
Boil for 1 to 2 minutes after they float up.  Take largest one out to check.
Cooked through?  Transfer to a plate. Cool them off a bit before serving.  Do Not Serve young children MOCHI or Hot Sweet Potato type items while they are still steaming.  Cut them into halves and tested for heat before serving to young children.
If you wait long enough after straining and air drying, you could pick them up with fingers to eat... it's sticky... yum!

Polly's Pan Fried Prime Rib Eye Steak

This is my adventure with frying Prime Rib Eye Steak in my cast iron pan.

Yep, I like my steak well done.

Let's serve it with onion pancake I made.