Thursday, May 28, 2020

Unexpected Amazing Cactus Blossom - Epiphyllum Orchid

I purchased this cactus in the hope to be able to transplant Ruby Ball cactus.  Only to find that the leaves are too flat to support the Ruby Ball.  It needed something like Dragonfruit type cactus stems.
So, this cactus grew about two years in my home with nothing but stems that keep on growing.  It's rate that I did not do the research on the plant, but not finding any use for it and seeing it only wants to grow blades and blades of long stems, I decided to take it outside to meet its fate.  After close to a year being outdoor, to my big surprise, I found this big flower buds on the stems.   One is small and the other one is quite large.  The next day, after the big wind storm, I found the small flower bud on the ground.  The larger bud remained.  I left it alone.  Not knowing if it will survive another wind storm coming.  It remained.  Then, it blossom, opened up like a queen in the parade singly in the garden.  It was astoundingly beautiful.

This one dropped off during watering.  Very sad. 
Found this one sadly on the ground from a wind storm a night before.
Here it is.
It only lasted a few days, but it outshined even the sun.

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