Saturday, November 12, 2022

Air Fryer Testing - Gourmia - the Canary Killer

 I bought this air fryer at COSTCO for $39.  I thought it's time to give the Air Fryer a try.  I have been satisfied with the countertop electric convection oven frying my French Fries, but with so many advertisement proudly displaying a nice crispy French Fries on the boxes, I thought it must be different and superior.  Well, the Gourmia I bought was nothing but a terrible hazard to health air fryer.

I was so happy to get one, and I tried making French fries and air fry vegetables.   The box has a big message stating that there will be Odors during the heating.  I thought it will be a minor odor just for the 1st few minutes, if longer - maybe 10 minutes the most.  But this appliance emitted Teflon fume in the house that I could not breath, and if I had a Canary in the house, it would surely had killed it.   I had my kitchen window, patio door, three fans and exhaust fans all going to get rid of the toxic fume.  The odor lingered on curtains and each every room for 2 days even with full house air cleaner going and even after spraying with the Lysol.  So, Sadly, I returned it.

Oh dear, the basket is Teflon coated.  Not Stainless Steel. 

Cooked too long.  Can't see without opening it each time.
Test Air Frying cabages.
Test air frying French fries.
Kept on looking for the Air Fryer with Stainless Steel interior, but apparently it is some kind of Teflon conspiracy to sell Teflon till out of stock.  But this Gourmia's Teflon fume was  just horrible.

2022 Summer Cooking (Continued)

 Test making Pumpkin pie.  Not impressed with the taste.

Pan Fried Teriyaki Chicken

Found a big KABOCHA.  That's what I thought it is, but it's more like a cross between the regular pumpkin and KABOCHA.

Slice and cut into chunk to freeze.
More great Green Onions

So throughout the summer months, I can crop the green onions 3 times.  
Hope everyone else had a great healthy summer eats.

2022 Summer Food Photo Journal - Anything from Tempura, Fried Fish, Flan, Waffled Potatoes, DANGO, TAJIN, ARANCINI, etc

 It was a fun summer.  It was exceptionally hotter than any other year.  My garden plants were stressed from the heat.  Scorched and sun burned.  

But, food is good as always in  the kitchen.  Testing this and that and still making the best of the COVID-19 aftermath is what I really wanted to say, but the COVID-19 didn't go away.  We managed to control it with the vaccine and booster shots and thanks to our staff in medical field fighting them daily.  We get to move onto the next steps to live kind of side-by-side with it.  My favorite of the time is cooking at home.  Craving for good fried fish and chips or coming up with creative cooking, testing old recipes.  So, here is my photo journal of summer 2022.

Waffled Potatoes for breakfast.

I hate this blogger app not doing what it used to do.  Uploading pictures in reversed order.  Anyways, you get it.

Fresh Green Onions are plenty all year around my garden.  Green Onion pancakes are so delicious.

Bell Peppers with ZA'TSAI - preserved vegetable and pork
Stir fried Ketchup Shrimp

Good Old Fashion French Fries in oil.
Blanched 1st.
Then, fried again.
Fried fish and tempura vegetables

Thinking of Asparagus Festival...
FLAN tenderness testing.
Making perfect ANKO.
Making DAIFUKUMOCHI - microwave method


More FLAN testing.

Trying Omeletto Rice like the Omeletto Guy...  I think it has way too much rice goodies.
Poor presentation.   More testing.
Yummy TAJIN cooking.

Would it ripen better upside down?

Stir fried Bitter Melons
Lemon Drop Cookies - Perfect taste.

Trying to make a homemade energy snack.

Green Onion Pancake
Matcha cookies
Pandan Chiffon Cake.  Testing Pandan powder.  Result?  my fresh squeeze Pandan is better.

Muffins with homemade raisins

And Cookies
Power loaded Chiffon Cake
As usual, I do not use Baking Powder - It's powered by Meringue.
Testing with MarthaWhite Self-Rising Flour.  Wished they have one that is unbleached.

Nice home grown limes.
Trying to make thin crackers, but I guess the batter is not thin enough.

Fig Jam
Frying over Induction Stove.
Testing MOZZARELLA's Pull length.
2 egg Chiffon Muffins for Breakfast
Shepherd's Pie my way.
Salted eggs over ground pork pie.  Tying to make one of the dish commonly served while in S. Viet-Nam.
Hmmm.... does not look the same.  Back to drawing board.
1 egg Chiffon Cake
to be continued.