Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pan Fried Rice Vermicelli with Shrimps and Chicken

I posted it once in December 2018, but here it is again because it is so simple to make.
 Stir fry shrimp and chicken pieces with garlic, salt and pepper with some vinegar.  Set it aside.
Stir fry chopped celery, sliced reconstituted shiitake, green onions, some cilantro.
Add Shrimp and chicken.
Rehydrate dry rice vermicelli with hot water.  When soft, drain.  Add 2 TBsp oil to saute pan.  Add strained rice vermicelli.  At low heat cook covered until crispy on one side.
Transfer vegetable mix with shrimp and chicken on top and Serve.

Turkey Cross Guards

This is how the Turkey Family cross the busy street in Sacramento with Deputy Tom Turkey Cross guards.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Japanese Cheese Cake Recipe Test - Flopped

So, I found another Japanese cheese cake recipe.  I can't remember from where I got it.  But the test was disappointing.  I should have stayed with my recipe completed previously successfully.
Here is the pic results of it.
Not sure which URL I got it from... I think it was from the YouTube...

Lined the bottom of the pan with parchment paper.
Beat egg whites to Stiff.

 Because my cake mold has a removable bottom, it was wrapped to prevent water from Bain Marie to sip into cake batter.

 Hmmm... the cake did not rise.   My Bain Marie may have been too shallow.  I should have used a deeper and smaller pan?

 Not enough flour/cornstarch to stand up?  Tasted very Eggy.  Yuk!
I think I will follow my own, the next time:

Make ahead KORO'KE - Potato Croquettes

When you have a large bag of potato left over from another menu, to use them while fresh, this maybe a good solution.
Brush wash potatoes.  Poke some holes into potatoes with chopstick or with fork.
Add enough water to cover potatoes according to your pressure cooker's requirement.
Cook the potatoes.
Remove from pressure cooker once the pressure is back to normal.
Remove the skin and mash the potatoes.
Add precooked chopped onions mixed with ground pork or beef.  Not much - but as you like it.
Add some salt and pepper according to your test.  Because I like to dip my KORO'KE in thick Japanese TONKATSU sauce, I add very little salt.
Form into balls, then, into oval shape.

Get your deep fryer ready - preferably with temperature control set to 325'F.

Dipping Crust:
1 egg beaten with 1/4 C milk or water  or 2 eggs with 1/3 C milk or water depending on the amount of potatoes you have.
2 to 3 Cups of PANKO (crushed bread crumbs)
Flour to coat formed potatoes.
1.  Coat formed potatoes in flour.
2.  Coast in egg mixture.
3.  Dip in PANKO to coat all around.
4. Carefully place in fryer.
5.  Fry until golden brown.
6.  Remove to dripper or onto a plate with paper towel to catch excess oil.
7.  Serve while warm with dipping sauce of your choice.

I added turmeric and cumin in mine.

 Form them into shape.
 Coat with Flour.  Dip or Sprinkle on the Flour... whatever works.
 Beat the egg(s) and milk/water together.
 Add spices.  Looks like I added Hungarian Hot Paprika and Chili pepper.
 PANKO - bread crumbs.
 Dip the KORO'KE into egg mixture.
 Coat with PANKO.
 Set it aside and do the rest. 

 At this point, they can be frozen in a plastic bag in freezer.  Fry them as needed.
 Get the fryer ready. *Drop a tidbit of PANKO into the oil and see if it dances.  If it dances, the oil is ready.
Lower the KORO'KE gently into hot oil
 I am using Japanese frying pot.  The bottom section of the pot is narrower than the top.
 Fry till one side is browned.  Adjust the temperature as needed if not using the deep fryer with temperature control.
 Then, turn it over.
 Cool!  KORO'KE!
 Continue with the rest.
Cool to room temp+.  Enjoy!