Wednesday, January 03, 2018


I get inspired while watching a TV show involving food.  There is a funny TV series on NetFlix called KANTARO and this is one of the wannabe. Just by looking at the actor's facial expression of deliciousness when he take a bite of the food you want to try it yourself.  This is the KUROMAME ANMITSU that I want to try it myself.   If you grew up in Japan you know what ANMITSU is.  The most memorable item in the bowl has always been the red cherry although that is not the main component of the dessert in ANMITSU.  But every 'kid' in our heart remember the red cherry the most.
Clean Agar Agar and Soak Agar Agar.  Normally the KANTEN (Jello) is clear type.  I chose to mix MATCHA - heaping 1 tsp of Green Tea powder in mine.  I added some liquid that agar agar is being dissolved over the heat to mix with Matcha.  Then, added it back to Kanten mixture (agar agar)
1 Agar Agar stick = 2 tsp powdered agar agar + 2 C water/500 ml
I purchased agar agar thread.  My apology, but I can't remember how I measured mine.  I will have to find my notes, but depending on how much you want to make, dissolve 1 agar agar stick in 2 C water over heat.
Or, even better, follow this site's instruction:
4 g of Agar Agar thread + 250 ml, so double it to 8 g of Agar Agar thread for 500 ml of water
and definitely is the site that I followed for its advised recipe.
Clean and soak red beans overnight or beans of your choice.  I used red beans and used slow cooker to cook them over night.  I think it took two days to prevent them from getting mushy and hold its shape.
Transfer dissolved KANTEN - Jello into a dish - preferably a square or rectangular glass baking dish - 8x8 inches.
After KANTEN is solidified, slice them into cubes.
Chill KANTEN in the refrigerator and prepare the syrup.
1 to 1 ratio of Brown Sugar (I did not have black sugar), white sugar, and water.   Boil till thick but not like candy
Assemble all your goodies in a bowl.  Serve with syrup.
The green tea - MATCHA KANTEN was a perfect choice for me.  It complimented the sweet syrup and brought all other flavors in.

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