Monday, January 10, 2022

Fun with Bread Recipes Listed on YouTube

 There are so many great recipes listed on YouTube, and I noticed many bloggers have also diverted to posting on the YouTube.  Cool!   I don't have time doing video recording... just doing it whenver over the blogger that I love.  

I had a great fun testing out these bread recipes and forming techniques.  Great job to these YouTube posters.

First, the twisty bread sticks filled with apricot preserves or almond paste - my preference


Roll it up and Voila! the pretty bread stick.

 Apply egg wash, let rise a bit, then, bake.



The next one is supposed to have very pretty layered spin wheel design, but I guess they need gentler twist.

Add Cinnamon Sugar and Almond Paste and dot with butter

Elongate by pulling out gently and twist to form into shapes.

Apply Egg Wash.  Cover and Let Rise, then, bake.

Go try some yourself, especially the ones without Butter or Eggs in some of the formula.  Very interesting alternatives when you don't have them.