Sunday, April 08, 2012

Home made Pizza dough with Ground Turkey Pizza Sauce

Once you learned a good pizza dough recipe, it's almost unthinkable to eat the pizza out.... but naaa...  sometimes, it is just so enjoyable to have them made by someone...
This pizza crust recipe here is from the Mozza book.    I just love it.     Just like Jamie Oliver's Hamburger and Hot Dog buns recipe, you come to trust it and do it over and over with confidence.     The sauce is half scratch half ready made jar of Ragu's Mushroom Spaghetti sauce.      One night my sister decided to treat me to spaghetti.     She made so much that I was able to add other ingredients - fresh romano tomatoes, more spices, Parmesan cheese, etc, and made into pizza sauce / topping and sloppy Joe with it.

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