Monday, April 02, 2012

April Weather

Whew!  Lovely April weather.    March ended with high notes of spring rain falls.   My vege garden seedlings have sprouted with beautiful YOGA palms stretching out of their brown bed coverings.   They welcomed the warm sun today, and they looked very happy.   Of course, there are cold weather loving plants that sprouted a week ago that greeted the down pouring rain - KABOCHA and Kuri squash.  Then followed by some GMO free Tomato seeds sprouting their tiny leaflets in the egg shell planter bed that I made for them.  They are all enclosed in the recycled plastic Strawberry cartons, just perfect to keep them sheltered.    There are couple of  other veges in my garden that have been just enjoying the spring rain - rhubarbs and leeks.   I think I will harvest ... and make Rhubarb .... hmmm... something...  It's kind of natural to say "Pie", but can it be something else?   Actually I did come across Rhubarb something when I was visiting some other foodies' blogs.    My replanted red Beet stem tops are doing well.    They look like they will be growing / rebirthing beets again by summer.    The "rebirthed" Leeks did a great job from growing Leek from its own roots that I cut off and replanted in my garden.  
 I cut the leek right above the root to let it grow again.    I think it will grow again(?)
So, what happened in March as far as cooking?  Quite a few tasty adventure.    So, let me post a few Photo journals of my food adventure.   If you would like to have the recipes, please let me know.   Sometimes, while I am editing my photos, I have typed the information on the photos, so if you click on the images to enlarge it, you should see some notations.     I know most of you have different experiences with cooking, and I hope you can tell what ingredients are needed and prepared from the photos.   If not, please drop me a note.    I am more than happy to send you the recipe or direct you to the foodies who posted them.  

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