Monday, April 02, 2012

Chinese Herb Medicine

January and February haunted me with a terrible cold.    My body got so weak that the normal over the counter medicines only lasted two weeks to resolve the first attack.    It returned with revenge after the 3rd day.   This went on and on and on for two months.     I would not have made it through my classes.     I finally resorted to the ancient Chinese Herb Medicine.    My family knows about me and the herb medicine.    Just a whif of it before the bowl of medicine hits my lips, my stomach would turn upside down.    I think the last time I had taken the herb medicine was when I was in South Viet-Nam forty years ago.    But I know my body is just totally out of wack from all the antibiotics and what not I took over the last few years, and now I am allergic to almost all the antibiotics.    So, just for the record, here is how my herb medicine looks like.     They were slowly simmered in 4 cups of water in this special electric automatic clay pot for about 2 to 3 hours until it is reduced to one cup.    Effectiveness?  On the first day, I coughed for 3 hours.... it seems to be detoxicating me inside out.   Then, the second day, I was calm.  On the third day, my temple warmed up -- ahhh! finally, I don't have that cold spot on top of my head.    On the 4th day, I was getting a bit energetic.  On the fifth day, feeling better.     Then, .... I am much much better.    These herbs are specifically prescribed for my symptoms by the doctor.

I am not trying to sell you the medicine.   I just want to share the reason why I could not post the blogs as often.   Sitting and typing is my weakness after 8 hours of work with mainframe computing.

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