Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fresh Peach Ice-Cream, Lactose Free & Peach Crostada

This is the second year of this "PANTAO" peach. But I am convinced now that the seed I planted is not of the PANTAO peach I ate but the Chinese Crispy Honey Peach. They are wonderfully sweet and crispy. Birds only got to some of them, but not as bad as the Japanese Pears that ants and what not got to them before I did. I cropped at least 8 lb of peach. And it is just about 5'7" tall. This is a very good tree to grow.
The flesh is cripsy and it has a very red seed. As it becomes soft, the flesh turns pink to red.
I didn't have time to prepare them into dessert right away, so they all sat in the kitchen till today. Most of them got soft, and is perfect for baking and ice-cream.
I made Peach Crostada. But what a crumble. Because my kitchen became very warm today, the dough was not very cooperative, even after chilling. It did not go quite well like the other night when I prepared the Japanese Pear Crostada. I had to scoop the whole thing into a tin - crumbled. So, I call it the Crumbled fresh peach pie? crostada? if it's in a tin, I don't think it's crostada. Regardless, the taste of the sweet peach and tangy lemon turned out perfect for after the dinner dessert.
Here is the Peach Ice-Cream. Lactose free milk, heavy cream is not lactose free, but there is enough lactose free milk in it that it is just delicious without any side affect (to me).

Home Made Lactose Free Peach Ice-Cream
Yield: half gallon
3 C Lactose free milk
1 C heavy cream
2 organic eggs
6 oz cane sugar
1-3/4 oz Truvia
2 C peeled, chopped peaches
Juice from 1 Lemon to keep peach from browning
Scald milk and heavy cream together. Mix 2 eggs and cane sugar together.
Pour 3/4 of the hot scald milk mixture into sugar & egg mixture and whisk them together.
Return the milk sauce pan onto "Bain Marie".
Add the egg/sugar and milk mixture into the rest of the milk in the sauce pan over the 'Bain Marie'.
Bain Marie until the back of the spoon is coated and when a finger is ran across it, it clears the cream coating - "custard texture". Stir occassionally, about 30 min.
Remove from heat. Exchange the hot water in the sauce pan with ice & water. Chill the egg/milk mixture sauce pan in it.
Once it is cooled, transfer to refrigerator. Once it is chilled. It is ready to follow the instruction of your favorite ice-cream machine.
Add 2-1/2 C of milk/egg mixture into the tub (Cuisinart is mine). Mix 20 min. Add 1 C peaches. Churn - 30 min.
Make sure to check the machine and help by stiring the fruits around and off the stir blades.
When done. Transfer the ice-cream into a tub with cover. Prepare the other half.
Enjoy another summer dessert directly from your fruits garden!
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