Thursday, October 13, 2011

Manchego Croquettes - KORO'KE

Every Sunday morning before noon, as a child, I will take a shopping basket and skip hop all the way to "KORO'KE YA-SAN"  - Croquettes shop.     I will stand outside this large glass window and watch the cook make croquettes.   KORO'KE is what we call it in Japan.     Then, I skip hop all the way home with the hot KORO'KE' in the basket.        Just like other children, finger foods are the coolest, I thought.     The KORO'KE in Japan is shaped like the MacDonald's fried hash brown - flat, large oval shape.      The mashed potatoes are mixed with some chopped onion and some ground meat in it, etc, that I have no idea of the rest, but they taste creamy, comforting, and filling.     I didn't care for the meat in it or the chopped onions back then.     Since they are barely present in each fried KORO'KE, it didn't matter.      I just ate around them.   
Monday evening, I fried some Manchego Croquettes from the Spanish cuisine  - Tapas menu.      The grated Manchego cheese tasted mild with a slight pungent smell (to me).     Mixing it in with the mashed potatoes, it enhanced the natural UMAMI flavor of the potatoes.      Chopped onions and flat-leaf parsley from my garden complimented the sweetness of the potatoes, and I enjoyed it without any tomato sauce or the bolognese sauce, but... I like to use the traditional TONKATSU sauce - very thick fruity Japanese Worcestershire sauce.      I need to remember, however, that the preferred shape of the croquettes will be the bite size the next time, instead of the biggie size I made to look like the KORO'KE -- greedy.     I couldn't eat anything else after eating one.

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