Saturday, October 01, 2011

Chinese Fried Sesame Balls

There are so many different types of Chinese snacks and desserts that I don't think I can finish  trying all of it.    My mother's list of her favorites are just mind boggling - some I have never seen or heard of her regional specialty snacks.    For fun we wanted to try making the Chinese fried sesame balls at home.     We figured that we know how to make the YAKI DANGO and DAIFUKU MOCHI, we certainly could handle this one.      The ones that we really enjoy is the one sold at the SF China Town.      Sold at the third restaurant up the hill from the main parking lot after the bakery.    Sorry, I don't even know the name of the restaurant.    The sesame balls sold there is about the baseball size, $1 for one.    The dough is made of sweet rice.    It has the consistency of the OMOCHI - guewey and yummy, filled with red bean paste, etc.    Not knowing which recipe to use, my son found a recipe from the internet.    This recipe required baking soda and powder. . . hmmm, very interesting.     The dough's texture turned out 'cake' like.     Not OMOCHI consistency - guewey that we are looking for.    Nevertheless, we enjoyed every bite of it.

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