Sunday, October 02, 2011

Homemade Italian Margherita Pizza from Nancy Silverton's The Mozza Cookbook

My book order from the have finally arrived.       The first edition of the Nancy Silverton's "The Mozza" cookbook.     It is filled with delicious recipes, and I tried her Pizza dough and my hands in making the pizza dough for the Margherita Pizza.      The dough is delicious, tasty and healthy.     The ingredients include dark rye flour and wheat germs.     The pizza dough turned out bubbly puffy at the edge just like the pizza you order from the local pizzeria.   Before trying to make the Margherita pizza recipe I found in the book, I decided to make my own special pizza with toppings made from my garden vegetables.      The toppings are:  roasted sliced onions, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted zucchini, and some shredded Parma prosciutto.     Boy! it was delicious.      The onions, rather than sauteed were baked in the oven.  It made the onions toasty and sweet with concentrated flavor.      The recipe for the tomato sauce in the book is easy to follow, and with some modification to incorporate my home garden's fresh tomatoes, the tomato sauce turned out uniquely of my own.    Then, I tried the Margherita Pizza.     I did not know how such a simple Margherita Pizza can be so tasty.     There were four distinct flavors in my pizza singing in my mouth.     None overpowering the others.    First the crispy crust of the pizza (great flavorful crust!), then the fresh tomato sauce flavor - sweet and with full body that is not acidic like some tomato sauce can be; then, the ever so gooey and tasty mozzarella cheese, finally the fresh basil (home grown) greeted all and brought all together - Margherita pizza!      I love it.  

 With a little help from one of the Italian national shopper I met at the Corti Brothers market, I purchased a good prosciutto for my cooking.  Not cheap, but it tastes great.

( Need some more practice with spinning and forming the dough.)
Homemade tomato sauce tastes with just the right amount of acidity and sweetness, full tomato flavor (not like the hothouse tomatoes that's. . don't know what it is. .)
 Top it off with my creation.  Brush the edges with olive oil.
 Here it is - my pizza with crispy onions, roasted garlics, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini.

 Bubbly -- well developed and baked dough.

Here is the Margherita Pizza!



  1. I saw your pictures on Amazon and had to visit your site. That pizza looks delicious! I'm just about to order the book so I can try out that perfect looking crust recipe.

  2. Thank you, Kate. I enjoy this cookbook very much. Hope you will, too.


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