Saturday, October 01, 2011

Layered Eggplant Casserole

Pan fried Ciabatta bread slices in olive oil were crumbled in the food processor.      It added the crunchy factor to the mouth feel to awaken the palate that is tasting the creamy, yet fibrous textures of the eggplants.    Eggplant is washed, peeled, and grilled between George Foreman's hamburger grill.   Brushing on the olive oil when it is 3/4 done.     Undercooking of the diced zucchini also helped in giving different texture when bite into it than the eggplants'.     I originally thought of making the eggplant boat and filling it in, but I decided to layer the eggplants with the sauteed ground beef with zucchini, etc.   Then, shaped it into eggplant halves; then, topped it with mozzarella cheese to keep its shape as it melts over it.     It worked out quite well.

 Add some Parmesan cheese.

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