Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homemade Sandwich Rolls

In the past several weeks, Subway sandwich shop has been promoting the $5 footlong sandwiches.     For lunch, my co-worker has been kindly sharing the other half with me.      I watched the counter person removing the bread roll from this heat and humidity controlled bread box.      And I thought I could make that slightly browned soft exterior with soft crumb inside using Jamie Oliver's hotdog formula.      So I went to work.   I was bit disappointed with forming and shaping the bread.     But I was very thrilled to see my dough well kneaded and formed the best 'window pane' after 25 - 30 min of kneading.      It was already past my bed time, but the bread smell so good and look very inviting, and I had to butter one up to taste the fresh baked bread.     Chef Oliver's formula is awesome!     The dough produced a nice soft sandwich roll that remained soft after several hours and after a couple of days.     With fresh vegetables from the garden, it made a great sandwich bread/roll.


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