Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fondant - Lego Punk Rocker Birthday Cake

My grandson ordered a Lego Punk Rocker Birthday Cake for his birthday.      Last year, I made him Lego Pharaoh.     Then, this year, he wanted the Lego Punk Rocker birthday cake.     I like the challenge.     First I had a difficult time finding a image of the Lego Punk Rocker with full details of its composition.      It took a while searching, but I finally got one.     It became my model.      Luckily I have a silicone Lego cake mold, and I filled it full with Persian Lover's cake batter without cardamom spice or pistachio.      I filled it full to make sure the cake will be fuller to give the 3D effect without me baking the 2nd mold.      For fondant, I softened the Wilton's brand white fondant.     I also purchased some other fondants from the "Michael's".      Unfortunately, after several hours of assembling and shaping the fondants to the cake parts, I did not like the way the new fondant (Ace of Cake, Duff brand) behaved - it is too soft to roll out and difficult to hold the shape of the cake's form and it breaks easily... with no choice, only 3 hours left to sleep before I leave for the birthday trip to south bay, I end up with droopy fondant on the cake - just hoping that they would dry out a bit in a few hours or day??? (it didn't.)      It became more like a decorative piece than for consumption.    (I would not care for my grandson to eat that sweet artificial fondant.  It uses quite a bit of artificial colorings.)     Luckily my design plan of the cake worked out.     With the rectangular shaped cake at the bottom to set up to look like a stage, it was served and everyone was able to enjoy the birthday cake.
Irregardless, my grandson was so happy to see the cake.     And it was my pleasure to see his joyful expression in receiving it.  
Print out pattern I used as a model for the cake:
Forming guitars with chocolate.          Was going to make guitars with fondant, but thought about the weight and chocolate was the better choice.       First draw the guitar pattern on a piece of paper, then, place a parchment paper over it, tape it down.     Then, temper the couverture pistoles and pipe the chocolate to form the guitar shapes.    (Unfortunately, my tempering technique with the microwave suffered....)   but the guitar looks rugged.     I could have covered them up with the paper cut out pattern, but I ran out of time.

Fill the cake mold full, so it will puff up to give that full-body look.
The meringue is tempered with sugar syrup at 240'F.       Love the silky smooth taste of this frosting.     But sadly, it is not meant to be set over night.        The frosting disappeared into the cake by 24th hours.       Of the 1/2" thick frosting, only 1 mm of it were left.  I quickly come up with solution with creme chantilly to cover up the 'stage'.        Or I could have used the mixture of chocolate pudding with whip cream to do the same, but I chose what everyone likes - fresh whip cream.


To make this 3D Lego Punk Rocker cake, I sliced the arms off the cake and covered with fondant.      Worked out quite well.
The most challenging part is the punk rocker's Mohawk hair.       My original plan was to make the model hair with parchment paper, then, paint the hot pink chocolate melt over it; let it set.    But, again, short on time.         I decided to use the fondant (it is heavy).      As it is already 2 am in the morning, I did not 'refine' the design to be hollow, which would have worked out better in regards to the extra weight it will put on the overall cake structure.     But I had to what I can with the time I have.
The fondant from the Ace of Cakes - Duff is not my choice of fondant ever, unless they change the formula a bit.     I am not sure if they know, but it sags and would not hold it's shape.     I really wished they did some quality check before selling.      I depended on it.    I could have mixed my own, but I was so pressed with the time.        On the bright side,  the sagging fondant gave the rugged leather look to the clothing design.... (sigh...)
Arms were frosted, then, the lollipop sticks were inserted at the top and midway to support them.    While drying, keep them propped up with aluminum foil supports.    Make the skull and roses design on the shirt with different color fondant.     Attach them to the body with frosting.

Arms were held in place with lollipop sticks.
(Fondant - please dry up a bit)
The guitar is suspended around the body with a ribbon.    

(Sagging fondant - .... hold the pants up, dude! )

Happy Birthday!

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