Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hiking Adventure at Sly Park, Jenkinson Lake

It was some adventurous hiking trip I had.  I fell off the mountain bike in first 10 pedals; then, decided to hike; and tripped and got covered with dirt from head to toe after two hours into the hike.   It was a challenging 8 miles hike.   I was hoping to strengthen my legs since I injured my left knee, but looks it backfired.  My leg was covered with gash and scrapes and knee bruise; bruise on the arm from falling off the mountain bike; and right knee bruise and nasty bruise on right hip from tripping down the trail. 
But it was still a good hike with beautiful lake.  I wished I was wearing a swimming suite.  I would have just jumped into the lake to wash off the dust that covered my face, my body, and legs.  

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