Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pickled SHISO Leaves - beefsteak leaves and YOMOGI Leaves - Mogwart leaves

I love the aroma of SHISO and enjoy it over a steaming bowl of rice.   My friend gave me two plants this year.  One is Mogwarts - YOMOGI and the other is SHISO.   I am very lucky that they are growing heartily in my garden.   Unlike the previous green SHISO that I tried to grow, died out in winter and never to be seen again, these groups thriving well in a pot.
So, what shall I do SHISO?  I pluck the largest leaves, then, gently clean them under water; spread them over a drying tray or pickle them.  The dried SHISO leaves are crushed with mortar or using food processor or by fingers.  Put some sea salt and safe them in a jar.  Sprinkle them over rice and enjoy it.
To pickle them,.... well, actually I do not know how to start, but I placed them under the UMEBOSHI - pickled plum.   However, I did learn later that, you just need to pickle them in salt.  Then, let it sit for a few month, and it is done.  Really?  I asked.... I don't know... I have to do some research.

 Pickled them under the purchased pre-made UMEBOSHI - pickled plum.   Then, refrigerate. 
I hope it works.
As for Mogwarts plant, after crop them, wash them gently under running water.  Making sure all the aphids, if any, are washed off.  Then, strip the leaves off the stems;  spread them over a  large drying tray.  Place them outside in open air under a shade.   In hot summer day, dry in the morning and ready for packing in the late afternoon.   Make sure that entire leaves are absolutely & completely dry.   Store them in a Ziploc bag until ready for use.   When ready, crush them under Mortar or in a food processor;  use them to make YOMOGI Mochi.

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