Monday, September 29, 2014

Polly's Homemade Honey Mead

Finally found a way to make time spent blog posting easier - Mobile phone posting to this blog.   The service has been available for a while, but I never got around doing it.  So much to do, with so little time.  And since I hate sitting down again after work to spend time blogging, this is a helpful alternative. Tonight I finally transferred my homemade Honey Mead to a bottle that it will ripe for a couple of months.   If you have made honey mead before at home, please share your experience.
By-the-way, my honey mead does not have yeast.  It's all natural - raw honey, water, and sunshine.
After a month of fermentation, it stopped fizzling as much when stirred, it's time to bottle it.  I hope it will be fantastic .   Need to get right kind of bottle and cap soon though.
Finally got the right bottle with flip cap.   Had to drink a couple of Grolsch lager but that was okay.   
The bottle didn't fit all in.  That was too bad, but honey mead on the rock tasted really good.  In fact I think it is ready as the way it is without waiting for 2 months.      I also started the two more quarts of new honey mead.  They are fizzing just fine.  Can't wait to enjoy it.  

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