Monday, May 03, 2021

Polly's Wanna Be of 'The Best Taiwanese KASUTELA / Castella" Cake

There are so many different postings in the YouTube about baking CASTELLA / KASUTELA.  And sometimes, all it takes is a good pic to motivate you to bake or cook.
And, I tried one found under "The Best Taiwanese Castella Cake" (by Molala cook),.  One big mistake I made was that I missed the instruction section about mixing the flour with heated cooking oil.  I was in a hurry, and according to a couple of other YouTubers that steps are important part of this Bain Marie Castella resulting with no big bubbles in the cake.  
8 inch square mold  - my U.S. brownie mold is 9" - line it up with Parchment paper to make 10 cm wall
8 Large Eggs - Separated - 8 Egg Yolks for the flour mixture
Cake Flour 105g 
Corn Starch 15g 
Corn Oil 95g  - I used my Avocado Oil and this is supposed to be microwaved! which I missed.
Milk 90g 
Salt 2g 
Lemon Juice 4g <<< I added it to my flour batter rather into meringue  But I will try next time to add it to the egg white the next time.
For Meringue:
Egg White 8 
Sugar 95g 
1. Sift cake flour, corn flour. 

2. Microwave corn oil for 1 minute and 45 seconds or (194'F) approx 88 - 90'C pour it into the flour immediately, and mix   << This is what I missed.  I thought it is a easy Chiffon Cake baked in bain marie, but I was wrong.  The texture of the flour mixed with oil would look like this.
3. Add milk and stir, then add egg yolk and stir 
4. Add salt and lemon juice to the egg white, add sugar in three portions, beat until firm peak forms
Preheat up to 165 C Degree - 325'F
*Normally, everyone wants the oven preheated at the beginning of the prep work, but I don't like hot kitchen, so I time it to turn it on  10-15 minutes befor I use it.
5.  Add 1/3 of the meringue into the batter.  Use "Fold" in method to mix in meringue.  Add the 2nd 1/3, then, transfer the batter into meringue bowl, and complete the fold in.  
Transfer the batter into prepared cake mold line with parchment paper.
6.  Heat enough water to 70'C to cover the large cake pan half way for Bain Marie  Place the cake mold.  Fill more water to bring up the water half way of the cake mold.
7.   Bake for about 65 minutes at 155 C degrees and 165 C degrees - 325'F.
*Do not open the oven door until well into 55 minutes at least and top is browned.
8.   The cake should have a nice brown top and would not dent it when touched.   Tester comes out dry.
9.   Remove from the oven.  Lift up at the parchment mold onto a cutting board while still hot. 
10.  Remove the parchment paper all around while the cake is still hot..  
11.  Slice the cake while hot.  
 I think this Meringue is overbeaten.  I was busy mixing egg yolk and ignored my timer beep and let it beat 2 more minutes and resulted in dry meringue.  
Beat egg white into firm peak, but not dry clump like this.  It should be smooth, shiny firm peak. 

I didn't have a large single sheet parchment paper to form into a mold wall about 10cm high.  I used 4 sheets overlaying each other instead.

Bain Marie.

After 70 min.
Looks great!.  Take out right away and remove the parchment paper gently while the cake is still hot.
Trim away the sides (and gobble them up) to make into a beautiful sides.   You can see that I didn't.  It's only for me.  No need to waste.
Slice it in sawing motion.

Different lighting make the cake look whiter or yellowish, but actually, the bottom pic in yellow color is the right ones.
 A day in refrigerator is also a good idea in a closed lid container lined with parchment paper.  The cake is moist and soft.



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