Monday, May 03, 2021

Polly's Dragonfruit Plant Dillema

 After five? years, (can't remember how long since I raised it from seeds) my draongfruit plant survived the Sacramento sun and had fruited 2 - two beautiful dragonfruits last year in the fall.   Because I was not sure of its survivability in my backyard - full sun from morning till sunset, I let it grow as much as possible.  It basically grew wild.  Out of its forms.  I let new shoots grow as much as it wanted to make sure if one dies, there are new shoots to take over.  It's has been a lot of work to keep them alive.  As soon as night temp drops to 35'F, these plants are insulated.  I use a  dog cage (my make shift green house idea) with clear shower curtains and Holiday Light to insulate them over the winter, but understanding not to water them during the winter and treat them like cactus definitely helping.  The medium size dragonfruit plant in the green planter is a offshoot from the original.  It seems to have acclimated itself also and is doing well.  I built it a frame to lean its long arms over it.  Because they are not planted into the ground, the frame has to be free standing, I thought. I will need to recage the dog house, cover it again with clear cover and with holiday light for the winter again, so the frame needs to be mobile.

2020 Fall.  Dragonfruit plant blossom.
Time to trim and shape.  5/2/21, Sunday.  What a mess!
Yesterday, I decided it's time to trim it up.  I don't think the planter is able to handle anymore for the size it has become. The other two smaller dragonfruits - RED dragon fruit which I was very lucky to have found at the local nursery being sold is doing well, but it too grew wild, too.  It's only one year old, but unlike mine that grew from the seeds, it seems to be handling Sacramento weather well. 

Time to trim off.

Decided to use anything available - flexible, round ... underground water drain hose I found in the storage would do.   I wrapped the red dragonfruit plant with flexible fence mesh first to stand all the limbs up, then placed a stake in the middle.  I noticed it has grown a few very long arms that really need propping up.  Bought some stakes to make frames.
Hmm... My saw is not seeing the same spot everytime time I turn it to cut the other side.  LOL.
It looks healthier I think.  They probably got a few tears, but I hope they will heal itself.

These are all the cuttings on the ground which can be replanted to grow more dragonfruit plants, but ... I think three is enough.  Their blossoms are awesomely beautiful under a moonlit night.  Can't wait to see them soon.

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