Monday, May 03, 2021

My Lotus 2021

 Can't wait to see if the Lotus will bloom this year.

I think this one is supposed to be CHAWANBASU.  A smaller lotus than the Pink Lips

And this is supposed to be Pink Lips.  Gold fish and mosquito fishes are happy in there.  So hopefully the louts will bloom.

I tried to germinate one of the seed, but it looks like it might have damaged from water being too warm from the sun.  It's been since 4/13 and only a tiny green is showing.  Basically, after sanding off the hard shell.  The Lotus will germinate within a  week and start to shoot out real quick. 
These are the seeds I purchased from Amazon, and I am not sure if they would germinate to grow out.  Hadn't had any luck with any of the flower seeds shipped from China.  I think they zap them at some entry point and likely killed the seeds.
Oh, well.  Hopefully the Pink Lips replacement plant I purchased from Texas Water Lilies last year will bloom so I can save the seeds.  I know they will grow for sure from the seeds.

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