Monday, May 03, 2021

Photo Journal of Installing Ceiling Fan in Kitchen Nook

 I bought this Hunter Ceiling fan from COSTCO like back in 2019.  It was a hot summer in 2019, and I always had this countertop fan on to keep the kitchen cool.  This COVID-19 crazy stay home didn't motivate me to install it, still, but when I noticed the climate change in winter to spring exchange, that was a good reason for me to do.  Weird thing was that it was on the day I had my first vaccine shot.  That vaccine must have some kind of caffeine or steroid.  I was quite unsettle when I got home.  My mind was racing, and kept me going until late next day it just dropped me.  Then, the swollen arm and rash and all the strange symptoms showed up.  I had to keep up with it for about 12 days.  My second shot's side effect was/is even worse - fever, rash, swollen arm, blurry vision, joint pain, increase in blood pressure, ... for 12 days, it went on.  Increase in blood pressure hadn't quite gone away, yet, but now I got this dark pots before my eyes when I am looking out in the brightness - like the floaters, but it somes in speckles in 5s and 10s.  Everyone normally got floaters, but these are definitely something I didn't experience until  I got my 2nd vaccine.

So, how did the fan  installation go?  I had to read the instruction like 4 times.  This is actually my 6th ceiling fan installation.  The 1st ceiling fan installation was very challenging because of the 3 way light switch and wirings.  This was before the YouTube how to's and Internet.  I  checked out library book on Handyman book and electrical wiring, etc., and studied it for a few dsys before I completed the install.  The only thing I had a complain about this particular Hunters Ceiling fan is the Fan blade installation.  It took about 10 ... 15 min to tackle it into position and get the screws in.  The good side is - the fan is quieter than all the other fans.  And it comes with a remote control.

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