Monday, May 03, 2021

My New Avocado Green Mattress

I noticed when the spring comes, there are mattress sales, etc.  I had been suffering a bad back ache from whatever - arthritis or deterriorated 3rd disc, etc. and my Select Number bed was not helping.  I decided to buy a real mattress with springs and whatever and selected on Avocado Green mattress.   My Select Number bed has been a disappointment for the price.  The digital controller went blank, then, the pump went out.  I managed to revive the controller's digital screen display after following YouTube posting, but the pump needs further eheck.  The Avocado Green Mattress thus far for 1-1/2 months has been great.  I am sleeping and have helped me in diminishing achy back pain.
I was surprised that it came in a rectangular tall box.  As I was expecting a full mattress box.
It's rolled up!
Thank goodness it came the way it is.  I tied bunch of straps around it, and carried it upstairs.  That was a not easy task because it was heavy and of awkward shape.  You can't quite wrap you arms around it.
It depressurized itself as soon as the wrappers were removed.
I have been kind of concerned with the 2nd section's springs as it had a deeper indentation from pressureized roll up.  But it seems to be undamaged.
It is giving me far better support than the Select Number bed.

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