Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Japanese Style Loaf Bread with Golden Raisins and Almond Paste

I have been baking bread for home so long that the only bread you see in my house is the ones that I bake.... well... you would think, after a couple of years refining the skills and techniques of baking bread.    What is important at the end is all the same, wonderful delicious bread with all the goodies you like.       This is another recipe that I have been testing and testing for the last two years after learning from the other blogger.      I even went to the Asian market to compare the crumb texture -- just to be satisfied for the effort.   


 Golden raisins and homemade Almond Paste fillings.

 I use two Square Brownie pans to bake this bread since I don't have a Pullman's bread pan with lid.

 Cover the top with the other brownie pan to let the dough rise.
 When ready, bake covered with the brownie pan on top.   Remove the pan the last 5 minutes or so just to get a bit more browning.     *This depends on the dough amount and oven temp because I change the batch size or double the recipe.

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