Thursday, May 31, 2012

Land Ocean Restaurant? sink or swim

This is one of the restaurant that our office staff visited for a birthday party.     We thought we will give it a try with an interesting name like "Land Ocean Restaurant".     My reaction to the menu choice at a glance was - What!? is that it?     It took me a while to just decide on the ordinary 'Roasted Chicken' served with mashed potatoes.    When it arrived, I had a difficult time finding  the interesting angle to take the picture of this roasted chicken breast.    I think you know what I mean.    I watched Jamie Oliver do the magic with food with some touch, but this one is "je ne sais quoi"     It is another one of "I can do better than that" reaction.     Mashed potatoes was quite salty.   I could not eat it.    I requested that it  be replaced with less salt.     The manager returned with the plate after five minutes stating that they tasted the mashed potatoes, and it tasted fine to them.   And that it would take a long time to make another serving.    I said, I could wait.    He went back to the kitchen.    He returned with the plate.     He said, it's made as a batch, so they could not make a new batch, and offered me something else.     I requested French Fries without salt.      Well, the French Fried tasted with salt - obviously the scooper or the tongue had salt that was not wiped off.     I think they need Chef from the hell's kitchen to fix them straight.    What a disappointment!

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