Friday, May 25, 2012

Bake Along Challenge - Chocolate Shortbreads

Finally, I managed to bake this wonderful Chocolate Shortbreads for the Bake Along Challenge.       It was an interesting recipe.    It turned out to be a moist chocolaty treat enjoyed by my 'testers' at my office this morning.    I imagined that shortbread would have a texture of dry cookie, on the contrary, the amount of butter and egg gave it the soft cake like texture.   I put 2 tablespoons more of the nuts on the top to give it a fuller, richer appearance.     And I am happy to have found another use for this bottomless fluted tart pan.    It was fun making it.
(Double click on the image to view in larger size and notes/comments.)
 Shifted flour and cocoa powder thoroughly 5 times over two sheets of parchment paper, alternately.
 I love mixing butter and sugar, but I have to watch myself because I sometimes over beat it.
 Hand mix in the cocoa powder with spatula until incorporated or you will be smoking the powder in the air.
 I cut out a parchment paper and placed beneath it.    It's a bit tricky to spread the batter, but I held the parchment down with a tip of one finger.    I released my finger from holding onto the paper and continue spreading with the the small offset spatula once the batter has clung onto the side of the pan.


 The bottom of the pan is still at the bottom of the shortbread until it is completely cooled.

Looks like there are  two slices missing.... well, I ate them right after I took the pictures.    They were delicious.   I think the bitter chocolate glaze on the top rounded the flavor of the shortbreads and intensified the chocolate flavor in the shortbread; and the nuts and chocolates complimented each other well.     Maybe for the next time, I am thinking to slip in a layer of raspberry 'jam' or something raspberry right under the chocolate glaze.... maybe dehydrated raspberry or top with fresh raspberry... hmmmm.... I have to think about that.