Thursday, May 31, 2012

India Oven Buffet - Taste of India

I have been to a couple of India's buffet in the Bay area before.   Each time, the most exciting food that I always hope for is the flatbread - Naan or chapati or whatever breads.     Here in my neighborhood, a couple of Indian restaurants have been opened a few years ago.      I finally took courage to visit "India Oven".    As my friends have pointed out, it serves buffet.   And yes!, there it is, the flatbread in the buffet line, and the waiter brought a basketful of piping hot bread to the table.  Great!   Wow!   it tastes so good - we had two basketful.      I wish I know all the names of the dishes I ate, but they all tasted so wonderfully good that I was too busy eating than remembering them - practically, I ate names of the food and hidden them.     I have gone back to the place since my first visit, and I am sure I will go back to dine, again.

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