Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sal Thai or Sad Thai

There will be several postings of the Food Adventure trips in the next few posts.   I like to take pictures of the food that I ordered and admire how well some of the dishes have been prepared and presented to me.    After all - food is sight, aroma, touch, and taste.   It's almost like doing YOGA - the food experience gives us the exhilaration and appreciation in every bites you take.  But it's always an ordeal when I go out to dine, even to the ones that your friend recommended.    At least anyways, it is a big deal for me because I only have one stomach and once it is filled with that "something" - good or bad, it is in my system.     I was quite brave and explored a few restaurants that I have never been to this month.     Of course, there is the "Yelp" site that I could go do the postings, but my objective is to learn 'hospitality' management and of personal interest in the culinary adventure.
Here is one - a disappointment at one of the restaurant that I have visited twice before with a good experience with my friends.   I was very delighted to meet up with my friends after work one evening at the Sal Thai.   Ordered one of my favorite - stir fried eggplants with basil and shrimps.   We also order a fish dish.    But to our surprise, the eggplants dish is prepared totally different from the usual with all the ingredients that were in the fish dish.     What's with that!   If I can say, "I can do better than that!" then, this place no longer has anything 'special' to offer to the customer.... maybe I am judging harshly....  but I was disappointed.

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