Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good excuses.....

While I got my Internet connection resolved, I have been venturing to visit a few restaurants, test cooking here and there, including testing "Spicy Brinjal Tomato Curry" that Mahas made.     I am so pleased with the spices in that recipe that I even made my own concoction tonight with the cauliflower.... this and all others I have, yet, to find time to upload the photos and share my journal with my family and friends.     I also got the e-mail for the May Bake Along Challenge, too, so I have a lots of things to catch up with, and not to forget this is "May is Bike Month" here in California.   I need to ride 50 more miles to meet my goal.    It's really good to see a lots of different recipes from all around the world and finding new cooking methods and techniques to prepare the food.   A broccoli or cauliflower would remain as just that if it weren't for all the spices and cooking methods.    I recall throwing them away a couple of times in my life with the full intention of cooking them when I bought them, but only to find it not so attractive and motivating to cook them into a  same old dish.     So, Cook Away!  Have fun cooking with the family and friends!  

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