Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Selland's Market Cafe - my Food Adventure

I made a special trip to the Selland's Market Cafe in mid-town Sacramento.  It has been opened for about 10 years is what I heard.  I did not know that.  As our instructor encouraged us, "Go out and eat and find out" as part of the "Becoming a Chef" learning experience.  So, I have been, and it was a good trip.  It is a busy cafe at noon.  The interior is cozy with some tables for two's and four's and large long family style bench table.  There are some outside seating as well.  Just like a market, you order the food you see in the display cases - a-la-cart.  You can see all the hot food, cold salad/pasta, desserts in the display cases.  You can order hot and cold sandwiches, pizza, too.  Servers are friendly and will bring food that you ordered to your table.  Customers seem to be enjoying the atmosphere and not minding sharing the large dining table when the cafe got full.  I ordered Chicken Breast roasted with mushrooms, sherry and cream; mac-cheese; fruit salad, and banana cream tart.
While I was enjoying my lunch, the order line wrapped around me.  It kind of reminded me of the eating experience at a popular mom and pop street vendor where the line starts to form around you, and they are practically standing right over you as you eat.  But, that's when I heard not one, but several customers asking their accompanying 'friend' how to order the food.  That means they are first-timer like me.  That's a good sign.  Previous visitors returning with new customers.
I really liked the roasted chicken breast.  I usually like the 'dry' chicken meat, but this was very good.  It is tasty all the way and the mushroom cream sauce did not overwhelm the chicken, but together they were like a team in the mouth to make my lunch all so much better.  Mac-cheese tasted creamy and satisfying.  I like the combination of in-season fruits - persimmons and pomegranate and apples, etc. in the fruits salad.  Banana cream tart - I don't know why I ordered it.  The banana tart is not in my favorite pie list.  May be that's the reason why.  I wanted to see if it would change my mind.  There were so many other pastries to choose from, but I ordered the banana cream tart.  I didn't think the pastry cream complemented the banana.  I ate the whole thing though.  Something was missing ... I wanted to say, "I am eating a tart with Banana covered with cream."  But I did not connect to it.  But it is okay.  The main course was great.

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