Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Bear Diner - my Food Adventure

I visited Black Bear Diner off Highway 80 the other evening.  I ordered Black Bear Dinner Combos - BBQ Pork Ribs and seasoned sliced Tri-Tip Steak.  I chose soup of the day - Chicken Noodle soup.  Overall experience - disappointed.  I sat at the counter facing the kitchen.  Services - the waitresses were very attentive.  Food - I think the cook could have paid more attention in the details and made it better.  When I am spending money to eat out, I expect the food to be "yummy"  or "I want to come back."   I don't think I am impressed with the BBQ Pork Ribs and sliced Tri-Tip Steak I had.  The chicken noodle soup looked like what I used to fix quickly at the office in the microwave after I dump the chicken noodle soup out of a packet into a cup filled with hot boiling water.  I thought it was supposed to be served with a Corn Bread Muffin, but I got a cracker.  The baked potato tasted dry or it's been sitting in the oven for a long periods of time because I can taste the somewhat 'burnt' taste of the skin in the potato.  And the potato looks hollow the way it is served.  The BBQ pork ribs came right off the bones and that's a good sign, but I can't quite say, "Yum".  Did they remove the 'silver' in the back of the pork ribs?  The vegetables seem like out of the freezer and just sauted? or is it fresh vegetables sliced by untrained hands.  I like to eat sauted onions, but they are mostly outer layer of the onions and they were tough.  Too bad.  There must not have been many customers who ordered the Tri-Tips because they tasted dry like it's been sitting there for a long time.  Didn't have the 'heat through' or 'cooked fresh' just for your order feeling.  So, in this food adventure, I was bit let down by this brand new restaurant in our area.  Too bad for those cute cuddly bear decorations.

 So, I was wondering, if you are given all the same food ingredients, would you have prepared them any differently or most of all presented them differently on the plate.  Would the vegetables looked more appetizing than the others if they have been cut or sliced differently? It's a challenge to keep the food taste fresh and cooked per order 'like' when it may be prepared ahead of time. 

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