Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pacific Blues Cafe - my Food Adventure

It's one of those day that you are too excited about visiting a new restaurant and forget the restaurant's operation hours and after driving miles to get there only to find it closed (Ad Hoc restaurant, Yountville, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ).   It was close to 6 pm, and I was very hungry.  Luckily the neighbor restaurant Pacific Blues Cafe was open.  The restaurant's kitchen area is viewable from the seating area.  A couple of  customers were dining at the time.  Two chefs are busy waiting for the new orders.   The servers are friendly and it's a cozy place inside.  Within an hour, the inside seatings are filled with customers.  Looking at their attire and greetings of each customers to each other, they are returning local residents and know each other.   I ordered one of the specials of the evening - Sauted Halibut with dilled caper cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and buttered vegetables.  I also requested my Halibut to be cooked well as I like mine with crispy crust. 

When my order arrived, I was very pleased with its presentation and nice aroma.  I am glad to see my halibut with crispy crust.  The halibut is still moist and I love that dilled caper cream sauce on Halibut.  It is a great combination.  It brought out the halibut flavor.  The tangy sour flavor of caper burst in the mouth as you bite into the halibut and creamy sauce mellows it out.  Buttered broccoli is well prepared.  Cut in uniform size.  Fresh taste.  Garlic mashed potatoes gave another dimension of soft and creaminess to the dish.  It really made my trip well worth the while.  Truthfully, when I returned to the Yountville two days later and found out that Ad Hoc was engaged in private party, I wanted to go to Pacific Blues Cafe, again.  That is a good sign of a good restaurant, I thought.   I am pleased with the last dining experience and I remembered the wonderful taste of the sauted halibut.   I think this has been quite a month for the food adventure for my study.  It's time to enact it in my kitchen.  I am hoping to incorporate some of this food adventure experiences and turn out variety of tasty dishes.

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