Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dishdash - my Restaurant Adventure

Totally forgot about this first path to my "Becoming a Chef" experience of 'eating out' and finding out what is going on out there in the restaurant world.  What is it about the restaurant that people like about, the menu? the service? the price? the atmosphere?   I think it's always a good sign that after you visited the restaurant that you say to yourself that you would like to come back again for more or would like to try making that dish at home or when you find yourself wanting to share the dining experience at such and such restaurant.   I recall my co-workers and I used to have a monthly lunch adventures to ethnic restaurants in the Bay Area - Persian, Turkish, African, Asian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.  So, I thought why not try Dishdash - Mid-Easter/Mediterrean dish.   I ordered the Mashwi - Prawns and seabass marinated in a lemon-cumin sauce, charbroiled, served with seasoned grilled vegetables and rice.  The prawns are enormous size, tender, and fresh.  The sauces really danced around in my mouth... what is 'danced around'... the tanginess of the lemon really worked together with the spices and brought the flavor of the giant charbroiled prawns that I love and want to get to the next prawns. There was just the right amount of rice to clean the sauces off the plate.... I know, I have a long way to learn to described what I like about what I am eating.  So this is my photo journal of such experience. (To view larger image click on the photos.)

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